Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Underground History of American Education

If you can get your hands on this book please read it. The Imperial Prussian school system was designed by the German empire to create obedient soldiers and industrial workers. When the Mellons and the Carnegies saw the of success German industry they banded together with the Rockefellers and other magnates who needed a properly indoctrinated workforce and a docile population and imported the system lock stock and barrel into the U.S.

Pavlovian conditioning was a principle foundation of the Prussian system. When a bell rings one is allowed to stand and move to the next class. The short class periods and over specialization of subject matter differs greatly from classical Greek education where a book, piece of music or poetry or even an idea could be discussed for hours on end.

You were not educated, you were trained as a dog is trained to give certain responses when prompted with certain stimuli. A command issued by one in authority is obeyed. This is the primary lesson you were taught in various guises over a 20 plus year period and unlearning that lesson takes a great deal of effort and courage.

Do it. (and feel free to use the ammunition of the enemy)

The weather man is killing independent George

With the ringing of a school bell your sense of time was twisted and made into a means to interrupt your concentration. By the age of 7 you had been programmed to believe that you were born in a special time, in a sacred place, and a member of a righteous and powerful nation upon whom the wisdom of providence had bestowed the mantle of the world.

Your tears and laughter were directed to Lassie and Disney and parades so that you would not see the nightmare around you, so that you would not hear the death of independent GEORGE.

Unfortunately independent George didn't die when Susan started hanging out with Elaine, it died much earlier. My sense of history seems to put it somewhere between 1800 and 1920. The death of independent George, the death of the self sustaining man, who relied on neither government, nor his fellow man, was an important victory for the powers of the state. For to the independent man the inherent corruption, deceit and theft of the state seems obvious, and to him the need to abolish all government is painfully apparent.

To destroy independent George was a life or death necessity for the modern state. The way man thought, the books he read, the opinions he held, all had to be shaped by the state from the very beginning. An archipelago of buildings and personnel would be necessary for such a task. A moderately paid lower middle class to middle class workforce who were happy to be the caretakers of the indoctrination of their neighbors' and friends' children.

For every minute one spent under the control of the programmers one needs a minute out from under them. Thus many of us start to wake up and get a clue around age 40.

The mechanisms of control are everywhere present. Be vigilant against allowing yourself to become emotionally invested in nonsense. If your mood rises and falls with the score of a game, the record of your favorite team, or the career of your favorite actor you are failing to see the reality around you and the reality is that you are a slave. A slave to a culture of nonsense and meaninglessness. A culture that promotes debt as a means to acquire unnecessary property as a means to feel validated in a never ending spiral of meaningless work, meaningless material acquisitions, meaningless relationships and empty passionless lives.

Just as a child feels his whole happiness hinges on a playground game so too the aged child clings desperately to the meaningless fluctuations of everyday life. Look within, stop watching TV, stop responding to ads, labels, packaging, see it happening in your mind, break the chains, educate yourself, read and be critical of what you read, of what the medical establishment has to say, of what the banking industry has to say and even what the weatherman has to say. Why the weatherman? Because every minute you spend thinking about the weather is another minute of your life wasted on something you can not change. Carry an umbrella and wear a warm coat and fuck the weatherman.