Sunday, December 16, 2007

I have been working on dialogue between my Poish grandmother and me when we first met in Germany in the 70's. I have also been considering a conversation with my Dad about dead gook babies and how much bounty he receives each month per baby as part of his military pension. perhaps the converation would be more effective if it took place between Tyotya Galya and dad directly.

Archived Polish film of American bombing in Vietnam spawned my thought about the DGB dollar value in military pension terms. The traditon of land for 20 years of military service dates back to ancient Sparta and later Rome (fuck off if I am wrong) so collecting post mortem bounty on enemies of the state is a venerated historical tradtion for empires.

The concept of a child as a state enemy was certainly not invented by the Americain Empire. If we can trust the film 'Gladiator' as an accurate historical reference (and lets face it most of us do) then the concept of killing kids as a preeemptive measure goes back at least to the time of Marcus Aurelius.

Of course the Americains took it to it to a new level when they started bombing civilian targets but lets not split hairs, if one can cut the throat of his adversary's seed as a precaution why not wipe out a whole city of children. Morally speaking these crimes carry equal weight.


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