Wednesday, September 5, 2012

John Cusack, Bin Laden, the CIA and Gary Johnson

As much as I enjoyed John Cusack's interview of Jonathon Turley I was dismayed by the absence of two things. No mention was made of an alternative theory for what happened on 9/11/01. By saying that the attacks could have been prevented Turley tacitly implied that the attack did in fact come exclusively from Bin Laden. And secondly Cusack's exasperation at not being able to vote for either Romney or Obama in good conscience would naturally lead to the conclusion that one should vote for Gary Johnson but no mention was made of his candidacy.

The importance of delving into the alleged events of 9/11/01 can not be overstated. The crisis of freedom which is gripping our country began not with the actual events of that day but with the media portrayal and public consumption of those events. Every new government agency including the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security finds its raison d'etre in those events. Obama's new found powers to indefinitely detain and/or kill American citizens without warrant, charge, trial or legal process of any kind also have their origins in the supposed events of that day. But what if it's all a lie? While I'm confident that a President Paul or Johnson would do much to restore the civil liberties of Americans they would still face the ever present question "but what about the terrorists, how do we protect ourselves against them?"

My theory of what happened that day is (I hope) not unique. Although it involves information I have gleaned from a myriad of sources including Mike Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon and his source material, as well as the recent Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth documentary neither of those sources presents the whole picture.

My father was a combat pilot in Vietnam and later an instructor pilot for the B-52 strategic nuclear bomber. We grew up with aviation. In my twenties while living in Russia I flew Soviet fighter trainers as part of my work for a military tourism company. Planes, military planning and intelligence operations are nothing exotic to me and this is my humble opinion of what happened on the day our republic ended.

This operation required immense planning. Years of training and dry run exercises would be required. For the purposes of my theory I remove Bush and Clinton from any knowledge of the operation because (assuming the outcome of U.S. Presidential elections is not known in advance) neither of them would have been in place long enought to bring the plan to fruition.

By now it is relatively common knowledge that NORAD responded incredibly slowly to the reports of hijacked airliners that day. They had a 100% interception record in the previous few years yet they failed 4 times in 1 day on 9/11/01. This fact along with the demolition of WTC 7 which was not hit by a plane are sufficient evidence to demonstrate the involvement of an entity which had domestic control over U.S. military assets as well as access to the buildings themselves.

Until 9/11/01 Pearl Harbor was our most recent example of the effectiveness on popular sentiment of an outside military attack. There are a number of respected historians who have demonstated that President Roosevelt was well aware of the Japanese intention to attack. Just a few months before the Japanese attack Roosevelt had consolidated the Pacific fleet in the tight confines of Pearl Harbor much to the chagrin of senior U.S. Navy Admirals who could see the peril this placed the fleet in. Furthermore the diplomatic measures the Roosevelt administration had taken against Japan including embargoing oil imports were acts of war that they reasonably knew would require retaliation. Fast forward 60 years. Osama Bin Laden was a protege of Charlie Wilson's war. He had received arms and training at the hands of the CIA from 1979-1989 when he was a mujahadeen fighting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Recent revelations about an Egyptian terrorist's FBI connection in the Oklahoma City bombing demonstrate the use of foreign recruited terrorists to carry out operations on U.S. soil. Bin Laden had a CIA handler and a long history of trust forged in battle with the Soviets. What if that handler or someone like him got wind of the plans to attack the WTC? The planning for such a complex operation must have begun not long after the Soviets left Afghanistan. In fact Bin Laden's "jihad" (which by the way he had no authority to declare under Islamic law as he is not a Sheikh) against the U.S. was rooted in the 1991 U.S. invasion of Iraq just two years after the Soviet pullout of Afghanistan. Bin Laden repeatedly stated that the basing of U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia was his reason for waging war not only against the U.S. but against Saudi Arabia as well.

As Bin Laden turned his asymmetrical warfare machine from battle with the atheist Soviets to battle with the "infidel" (also a misnomer as "infidel" in the Koran is a reference to pagans while Jews and Christians are most commonly referred to by Mohammed in praiseworthy terms as "people of the book")United States it is unlikely he severed all connections with his CIA handler(s). It is also possible that Bin Laden's CIA hander was not known to him as such. If his "handler", let's call him Ahmed, was a Saudi, Chechen or Dagestani who had been bloody and dirty with Bin Laden in the trenches for 10 years in Afghanistan plus a few in Chechnya there would be no reason Bin Laden would not continue to trust him.

And let's imagine that through Ahmed someone in a position of economic, political or military power gets wind of a planned attack on the WTC in the mid nineties. There is extensive FBI documentation of surveillance on suspected terrorists in flight schools in Florida in the mid 1990's. This person is savvy enough to realize that foiling this plot is not nearly as politically valuable as allowing it to happen. But the devastation of a plane hitting a building just isn't gonna be spectacular enough for his or her purposes.

This mysterious person, let's call him Charlie, also knows that U.S. F-16's are going to blow the shit out of those airliners 7 minutes after they are declared hijacked. So a military training exercise has to be scheduled for that day to buy a few extra minutes. More importantly Charlie knows enough about the way modern skyscrapers are built that they are actually designed to withstand a direct hit form a Boeing 707. So if this attack, conceived and carried out by Bin Laden and his cronies, is going to have the desired effect the buildings are going to have to come down. So Charlie gets somebody who is an expert in controlled demoltition to set that up. The military exercise is planned for 9/11/01, the airliners remarkably run the gauntlet of the most sophisticated and battle tested air superiority forc the world has ever knowm, the buildings are hit, a few mysterious explosions before and after the impact are not noticed, the wrekage is quickly carted away and boom, instant police state. As long as Charlie, for any reason we care to imagine, has much to gain by the expansion of U.S. military power arouund the world and domestic government expenditures this is the most reasonable theory I can see which takes into account all the available evidence. And Charlie knows that war is the best way to both things simultaneously.

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