Friday, February 27, 2015

American Indians are smart

The Vanishing Newspaper.  The Fuck Shop. Copyright law, 1994 and the end of the golden age of hip-hop.  When Luke Skywalker decided to sample "Sweet Child of Mine" and "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" on "The Fuck Shop" it created a legal quagmire which brought the golden age of hip-hip to an end.

I used to hear that African-American history was irrelevant unless one was black and ironically the people who said this were aware of 2LiveCrew and the legal uproar they created.

So I was looking at Barak Obama's FB page and I noticed that the biggest number of likes for him is in New Delhi, India (45 million).  Now I hate to profile but based on the Indians in my high school class, my undergraduate history thesis advisor, and the woman who delivered my 4 childrens I feel comfortable drawing the conclusion that American Indians are pretty smart.  On the other hand Ivy League professors overwhelmingly support Obama and they aren't exactly bright.  

Nas and the end of the golden age of hip hop. Tied to copyright law, Victor Hugo and the U.S. holding out on the Berne Copyright convention for over a century.

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