Saturday, January 5, 2008

And what the hell are you doing here?

'So I was telling Natasha about our converstaion last night, she wanted to know why you were here if this place is such a 'shithole' as you put it."
"Do you really have to ask"?
"I have a suspicion but I wasn't going to share it with Natasha, she's already not all that crazy about you".
"What's your suspicion"?
"Tochno. You think I oculd get the kind of ass in the states that I'm getting here? My dad used to call his pilot's wings silver leg spreaders, this blue passport is like ..."
"Yeah, I get it".
"I don't think you do, can you imagine being abole to walk up to every beautiful woman you see and start talking shit".
"Does my Russian give me away as American"?
"It is obvious that you are foreign, but not by your Russian, you could be Latvian or Lithuanian judging simply by language, it is your attitude that makes it clear that you are American or German".
"How so"?
"Your sense of entitlement, you own everything you see, it is pretty disgusting to be honest, but I see the women you are with so whatever it is you are doing I am not in a positon to criticize".
"They are all whores".
"Of course, you think a woman with any self respect is going to respond to your approach"?
"Self respect is an obstacle to quick sex".
"No argument there, but you are also deeply intellectual, aren't you interested in having a relationship with someone with whom you can have a conversation".
"Maybe this is an unseen element of American culture but I guess I don't think of women as intellectual, if a chick has something witty to say that's great but deep down I am suspicious that all they care about is being the prettiest, richest, or most powerful".
"You realize of course that you sound like a sociopath".
"Sound like? I would kill people for sport if I could get away with it".
"Too many action movies huh"?
"You know what it is, I'm so sick of giving peiople the benefit of the doubt and then finding out they are just one more dumb fuck Chrisitan or fascist or insert-doctrine-here-ist. When the fucj did everyone abdicate the ability to think for themselves, when did it become fashionable to support police and miliatry suppression of our basic rights as human beings"?
"And how is this related to your hatred of women"?
"Maybe because I expect them to be the ones to see throught it, I expect the captain of the football team to be a mindless asshole, but I always held out hope that his mom might talk some sense into him, when she didn't I guess I decided to take it out on all the females in the world".
"So you hate women for not living up to their potential".
"Freud was a douchebag so if you are going to psychoanalyze me at least have the common decency to pretend you are a Jungian".
"You are teh most educated barbarian I have ever met".
"I look forward to a good book while raping and pillaging".

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