Friday, January 4, 2008

Letterman is a douchebag

As if organized labor isn't already decimated enough Letterman was whooping it up with union jokes as he crossed the picket line for the third night. I always had a sneaking suspicion he was useless but the habit of watching him I developed in college died hard.

Say what you want about Brangelina but at least they are using their star power to do something useful. It always blows me away when people who are safely ensconced in the cultural elite not only sit back and do nothing but actively harm social justice movements. The mainstream media has already successfully portrayed the writers' strike as a bunch of rich cry babies that have nothing to do with organized labor and now Letterman and Leno deliver the death blow by returning to air without them.

They probably are a bunch of cry babies (I'm quite sure the vast majority of them are not rich) but that is not the point. A strike is a strike and every picket line crossed hurts the idea that those who are producing have power by withholding their production.

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich got squeezed out of the 'election' process. No big surprise there, the last thing anyone in the incestuous family of press, politics and big business wants is someone who runs on ideas.

"Secret prisons, secret renditions, loss of habeas corpus and soft fascism" Ron Paul is actually talking about this stuff? No wonder Fox is keeping him off the air.

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