Sunday, November 30, 2008


I. Psychological Overview
II. The Soviet Insane-asylum

III. The lies of our fathers
a. California school Soviet slide show
i. Mom’s reaction
ii. Her story of Soviet dissidents
iii. Treatment of my dissent in America
1. 1992 reading Marx and Lenin
IV. Summer in the Soviet Union
a. Impressions initially of Soviet life
b. The coup attempt
i. Tiananmen Square times 1000
ii. Trying to write about it
iii. Talking/lying about it to the press
V. School afterward and the return
a. Trying to educate myself
i. Learning the American classics from the Soviets
1. why they are Soviets and not Russians
a. Armenian/Georgian
b. Can’t erase history,
i. Culture that raised them was purely Soviet,
1. parents and grandparents Soviet
2. Stalin had the trains running on time
ii. Marriages and children
1. parents response to first marriage
2. Inna
a. Tennis and culture
i. Movies
ii. Dressing nice
1. boots
2. coat
3. Rueben Ratchivitch
a. Cars
i. This is our new model
ii. Otdel’ kadrof
1. traveling zagranitsa
2. Turkey
b. Rueben as a child in Tblisi
iii. libraries
iv. Olga
1. Vladimir
2. pregnancy
3. Christmas at home
a. The missing car
b. The ski trip and the oatmeal
c. Drinking bourbon and football
d. Fired across the Atlantic
4. The return
a. The anger
b. Break ups and make ups

v. homelessness as a teacher
1. Yuri, Aikido
2. Mafik
3. Lena
4. suicide
VI. the trauma of the return
a. forced therapy, forced medication
i. what choice when returning with my tail between my legs
b. UC
i. Freud
ii. The bookstore
iii. RPS
iv. FBI
c. The trip out West
i. The road
ii. The mountains
1. Estes Park
2. Trish
iii. California
iv. Mexico
1. surfing
2. home grown
3. mysticism
a. when the student is ready the teacher will arrive
i. Heather
ii. Gordon
iii. Little wolf (volk)
v. California
vi. Seattle/Vancouver
vii. Alaska
1. wilderness
2. the wolf
3. the lean to
4. the enlistment
VII. the trauma of the return
VIII. Lena and Parents
a. Christmas
i. Greek Orthodox
ii. Vladimir
iii. Sex on the side of the road
b. The great escape
i. The road
ii. Sending Lena home
IX. Virginia
a. Sic Semper Tyrannous
b. Arlington County jail and the feeling of invincibility

i. Panopticon
ii. diagnosis
iii. Chess \
iv. Reading and Sergeant Burns
v. Failed attempt at work release
vi. The Christians, the Muslims and the Devil’s advocate
vii. Spades and push ups with the brothers
viii. The night release
1. soccer at Georgetown
2. nights in the libraries of GWU and Gtown
a. Boston Market trash and other food sources
3. wandering SE Washington
4. Natacia “ya tebya lublu”
a. Algerian/French
b. DJ Shan and Trax 2000
c. Fairfax County jail
i. Combat
ii. Blue band
iii. Isolation
1. on display for the field trip
2. pick one religion
3. disobeying an order
4. volleyball, basketball
d. grocery voucher and bus ride to Dayton
e. parents put me in a hotel
f. homelessness in Cincinnati
i. how did I get there?
1. walking up the hill in Clifton

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