Sunday, November 30, 2008

घोस्ट दोग सेकुए;

(Camille Winbush) the original Perline

Perline: <> (Hagakure passage)

(font identical to previous Hagakure passages, overlay ghost filter) image to be
determined later…panning camera)

Text/Narration “ The Way of the samurai is found in death. Every day when he is most calm the samurai must contemplate death by sword, being pierced with arrows, being shaken to death in a great earthquake or committing seppuku at the death of ones master. This is the substance of the Way of the Samurai.

Perline’s Mother:

“Japan is so far away Perline”


<>(Perline is in her room, turning over a gift box of Japanese paper, brush and ink. There is an ice cream cone drawn at the bottom of the card)
“I promise I’ll write to you all the time. You know they have rice paper over there, and people don’t write with pens, they paint, Kanji, य'रे called Kanji, Japan is a strange place… I bet)


Perline’s Mother:



“mom, I’ll be right back, after a couple years”

Perline’s Mother:

“Ok sweety I’ll be here waiting.”


“Maybe you can come and see me.”


“Yeah sweety…yeah ok”

The next scene is the steps of a museum in Japan, somewhere mountainous, not urban but modern. A small museum, like a shrine to a fallen Samurai. Cut to beautiful elaborate woodwork in the interior, the archway and lacquer work, (sound of gong as shots change, same or similar to gong in GDWOS also similar to gong in opening sequence of “Kung Fu”.) ferocious masks, statues, panning shots of all these things a few seconds long each. The narration begins.

(Forest Whitaker)
Ghost Dog :

“There is an ancient legend about a wandering samurai, a Ronin, who had lost his way and his master. He failed to commit seppuku at the death of his master, he hesitated for a moment, less than a heartbeat, and he knew he was not ready for death. His shame and dishonor were great but he knew in the Way there was a path for him. He did not fear death, nor was his wish for life so great that he did not wish to leave. He merely knew at the moment of his death that there was an action that he must perform, and that his death would have to wait for the completion of that task.

<<”Ronin” the graphic novel should be visible as an influence, as well as “Ghost in the Shell”, and the monastic elements of “Kung Fu” – older classic Kung Fu Theatre type movie monastic training scenes ala “Chinese Connection” shuld be inclided. This sequel should feel like “Ronin” as a screen play. Perhaps the original GDWOS is so strong because it is how I imagine a Ronin more in touch with his environment. Instead of slaughtering the street toughs, Ghost Dog is part of the Hell’s Kitchen-like neighborhood. He walks, seamlessly, invisibly down the street, whereas Ronin stood out. Perhaps it is very similar to Ronin, Perline is the Ronin, but she is in a Japanese city where she stands out, like a wandering, masterless Samurai in Hell’s Kitchen. Elements of Hamlet 2000 to include: Substituting modern states for ancient feuding houses. Special forces are ninja like assassins, military forces are like samurai field generals. One state seeks total domination of all the others, alliance are sought and honored until inconvenient, treachery is everywhere. Perline is the retainer of one of these great houses (Atreides and harkonen/ Capulet and Montague type enmity between them) and her quarry are members of her kind who work for the rival house(s). Her great feudal house is France. (La Femme Nikita). <

Weapons are both traditional and modern, Ninja smoke bomb should be used in one scene, traditional Japanese weapons, crossbows, manriki gusari, the things that look like small sickles, starts with a k “Kama?” Will need expert consultant in Japanese weaponry, perhaps Stepen K. Hayes

Story board artist from Cohen brothers.

Get copy of Ronin graphic novel, as well as Batman vs. arch enemy comic form storyboarding ideas.

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