Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"the story of your suffering has no value whatsoever."
"The only narrative of any value is a theoretical narrative."
"I love racism, I cannot imagine my life without racism."
"there is no progressive movement without racism."
"Political correctness is still inverted racism."
"the only way to fight racism is to mockingly play it to the end."
"left liberals today have this upper class patronizing attitude ...deep distrust of rednecks and so on."
"Republicans in an intelligent way are trying to mobilize what used to be called a working class vote."
"Dangerous moments are coming, dangerous moments are always a chance to do something, but you have to think."
"the necessity of a lie to maintain the public morality (Batman:The Dark Knight)"
"Kung Fu Panda - Neils Bohr - regarding the horseshoe above his door ..
"when you say 'I believe in human dignity...
"nobody really believes in democracy...
regarding the Wall Street meltdown, "the main task of the ruling ideology today, no, is to make this crisis, this meltdown, appear not as something inscribed into the very dynamic of the system but some kind of a contingent malfunctioning of the system due to, I don't know, bad legislation, bad politics and so on, to sacrifice individuals, wrong decisions and to save the system... this is what everybody is looking for today and unfortunately this reading will win the reading which will redeem the system...."
"this was the problem that our great comrade Stalin, when things start to get wrong with 5 year plan, no, the point was how to save the Party, the idea was it must be traitors, you need traitors no? You need traitors to save the system so that you can say yes there are troubles but its not we the Communist party or the 5 year plan but the English spies, saboteurs and so on... Here OK,..but the tendency will be to, to localize culpability, but I think what is the true question to approach is precisely: What is it in the system itself today with all these highly virtualized futures, speculations and so on which renders it so fragile that everything appears so firm but all of a sudden it's like a kind of a financial tsunami, the edifice you think its so firm all of a sudden it starts to melt down no, again that's for me the true task this is for me the crucial point the duty not only of a truly progressive not only Marxist whatever that means today but democrat but to really ask what is the flaw in the system...what annoys me the that they act as if you know this was just some mismanagement or whatever."

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