Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spike Lee, The Inside man and the Nazis (cont'd)

Not to get all controversial or anything but there are two things I want to talk about. I) Israel and the confiscation of Jewish wealth by Nazis and Nazi sympathizers during WWII II) The Palestine/Israeli war over a piece of land. One may sound anti-Semitic (against Jews) and the other sounds anti-Semitic (against Palestinians) but both need to be said.

As regards the confiscation of Jewish wealth during WWII this seems to be an exception in the history of capitalism in which those whom have had their property expropriated by completely extra-legal and immoral means have some recourse in law. The committee which oversees the return of wealth to Jewish victims of the Nazis should open committees for the rest of the victims of wealth expropriation regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or historical era.

And as far as Israel goes: the only reason all you cry babies are bitching about the Israelis is that your fucking memories are so short that you have forgotten that EVERY state in the modern era has been created by the extermination of the natives.

The U.S. did it to the native Americans, the Portuguese to the Brazilians, the Spaniards to the Cubans, the Soviets to lots of 'Republics', etc. etc. Israel just has the misfortune of having to wage its war on the native population in the era of 24 hours news and the internet. Good luck with that, can you imagine if every native American massacre of the U.S. forces was on TV, radio, and the internet.

So they want to conduct genocide, who are we; who live in the killing fields of our respective countries, to judge them? Just don't bitch about suicide bombers unless you are going to have Tony Stark start shipping advanced weaponry to all the "terrorists". If you want a fair fight stop using weapons available only to, one side. Or maybe it's time for the US to start using suicide bombers too. Instead of a B-52 to carry your ordinance, you strap it to your body. If nothing else at least the enlistment bonus would go up. If I could get that Islamic deal where all my relatives got care, shelter and food for life sign me up, I'll blow myself up during an interview with some "terrorist". On second thought, I don't even like my family.

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