Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I want to go to the animal library and borrow a rhinoceros roo. A rhinoceros-roo stands on two legs pops up and down and has a pouch for its baby. Sophie says "where's the rhinoceros rude and daddy says it's right next to the Alligator-parakeet". They're really nice at the animal library to let you borrow whatever you want. Sometimes I borrow the tarantula but only if I have a terrarium at home, otherwise mommy gets mad.

The first time we borrowed a donkey from the animal library we never brought her back.

She did such a good job working on our cocoa bean plantation that we just didn't want to bring her home. And she loves to eat oats and hay in the barn and we knew she'd be lonely if she went back to the animal library.

Now that I've talked about my idea for the children's book I want to talk about what I dreamt about last night. I was sitting at a table having dinner with my parents and an older gentleman: whitehair, white beard who I knew as a friend of my parents and someone they respected. I also knew that this gentleman was a very strong Christian and wanted to stimulate conversation that question my parents assumptions about material reality. So I turned to him and said "hey Jim have you ever seen anyone raised from the dead"?

Without even pausing in his chewing and not even turning his head or looking for any of us he simply said "oh yeah".

I asked him who and he said said "old Marfa so-and-so's brother's wife". and still didn't stop eating to elaborate on anything. But when I looked at my parents they were clearly interested.

And of course if you can raise a human being from the dead you can raise a rhinoceros-roo from the dead.

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