Monday, January 2, 2012

I hope you two are talking to each other...

I was thinking about that club in downtown Prague from "XXX". Same concept but flatscreen touch monitors on hallway walls and counters allowing people to access internet but always using a touch screen. This serves two functions beyond simple utility: 1. Tasks cannot be overly complex and time consuming (now 2012) on a touch screen user interface so it adds to mobility and multiple users, 2:It is an added layer of social interaction. Being in the same room with someone does not necessarily create an interaction. In an era where husbands and wive text each other while in the same home it is not unreasonable to expect initial social contact to need some help from our artificially intelligent friends.

Here's how I imagine a potential social interaction assisted by a computer:

Human 1 (via social media software/smartphone hardware/touchscreen hardware): We just met a few minutes ago, im a friend of...with the Black Mohawk and the green eyebrows. I'm feeling kinda anti-social right now and its really loud in here but id love to talk to you again sometime.
Human 2: Yeah, im actually leaving to go to XYZ hookah bar where its quieter.
Human 1: I love that place

i tak dali

So there is this big vacant industrial building in the bar district...

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