Friday, March 6, 2015

The Ideology of Right

"I was feeling a bit shagged, and fagged, and fashed it having been an evening of no small energy expenditure". "this space will all be needed for political prisoners" "neurosurgeons don't have to study logic" Obama is a Muslim" Critique of pure reason, ideology, phenomenology of right. What is a man, Mr. Lebowski? Qui bono? Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich.

The speaker for the dead writes with two conflicting voices. The last starfighter scenario, FPV games, Zork, there is a tree, look in the tree, nay climb the tree, there is a nest, look in the nest, there is an took me forever to find that egg. Me too if by forever you mean one minute but if your balls are in a vice one minute can be forever and if you are waiting to fill some curvacious ass then forever indeed Judy Blume is a mighty long time for Wifey to wait for ralph to ...Obi Wan Obama you're our only hope. Mark Fletcher is a community activist like action Jackson, Jackson John and the Jackson Five. Alexei and Shura, matfak and brain surgery. Are you aware that Sam Harris's book promotes torture. Please stand when answering questions so that it's easier for the police to identify you if an arrest is necessary. Praque homey plays the cello because after the long climb up the stairs spreading knees is easier. Jack Nicholson pointed out that Susan Sarandon's bowing sucked and then he bang, bang he shot me down, Rammstein he hit the ground, Russian mobsters no match for American horsepower in Prague but who's fooling who? Red Notice boy can't travel in Europe or really anywhere on planet earth other than the shitty island he was born on because he crossed swords with the wrong bull. Spike Lee, Edward Norton's monologue, cousin Ritchie's Earlham McGowan math major, need to FACebook Rose, Chad and other McGowan so the Marilyn Manson can advocate for my philosophical, nay, ideological cause. If Elliot and Eric Michael Dyson are going to carry Laila's water into the films of Mikhailkov then we won't reach Akira Kurosowa without Tom Cruise as the Last Samurai and The Last Nigga on Earth starring Tom Hanks. Your welcome. War is the only ideology, Von Clausewitz was not so blunt but Abraham DeLacey was not quite Shakespeare. Putin has internalized both Machiavelli and Katsumoto, be Kevin Spacey in "house of cards" while appearing as Kevin Costner in "dances with wolves". Ideologically "Cable Guy"'s Freudian analysis of the main character anticipates "V for Vendetta"'s Adam Sutler vs. terrorist V because mama didn't love Leonard Smalls in "Raising Arizona" but it didn't prevent H.I. McDon't Know from violatng a fundamental moral presise society since Malinowski banged trobriander children namely "over teh line, I'm sorry Donny you were over the line, this isn't 'Nam Donny there are rules" Let's not throw the baby out with the cliches of defending bowling rules with lethal force in a state which villifies individual rights of self-defense but retro active abortions anr ideologically as sound as gay marriage in Sharia households Orthodoxy of hate is the only Orthodoxy we accept as Mickey Knox and Cable Guy both learned from their celluloid babysitters the values we internalize appproaching Ender's Starfighter 300 style "Soldier" with Kurt Russel lets Gary Bucey make the argument more clearlly because his daddy was in maintenance and the KPSS, the GOP, the Central Committee, Chavez and Castro, Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh. From Dien Bin Fuh to fuck you Occupy the minds and hearts of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden what can Jesus say about ISIS when ISIL appropriates the ideology of Orthodoxy and belief in the divine revelatory power of the Book of the Law. Do what thy will shall be the whole of the law, and what is thy will, to eat and to drink, love is the law, love under will fall to the orgy amen to the orgy all hail the cock. I believe in the cock, the pussy, the small of a woman's beck Kevin Costner's ideological Water World with Wolves Last Samurai Isaac Hayes in Southpark and Aretha on the streets of Boston to American idol. Rush Limbaugh's newsletter for governors Kasich and Deukmajian breeding ideological warfare without apparent conflict between capital punishment and opposition to the D&C or teh DBC for that matter what shall we oppose for what shall we be willing to die? American Idol and the right to carry an AK-47 on our bike and pick up McDonald's drive through. W Who do you want to see you in the limo at the drive thru window in the five star hotel leaving on a jet plane to Terry Gilliam a French classic teh tenets of Buddhism thjat life is suffering and to embrace tha suffering by mouth fucking the dog that offers it is to see that life is not only elswhere but St. Elsewher and St. Vitus dance is to Zizek's child pornography analogy as St. Paul's control of Shakesperean education is to Laurelai Gilmore adhering to teh notion thaat if she cn raise a single daughter in abstentia of her parents wealth and senf that daughter to yale the mecca of the islam of the west that she will redeem the libidinal mistake of banging her high shcool boyfrien in the bed her fateer had reserve fo incestuous sheets of hamelet fo spell check will not turn me in when the secret police come lookng for th assange hamlet that is obama and putin froced to read thei Machiavelli and do what is politically expedient but morally repugnant. Guantanomo is open the VP of Russia was gunned down in the streets tRussians in Afghanistan indeed been and goe as the Americans British India Alexander rth egreat and Persi befor e him have traveeled to Dan Akroyd's grave yard of empires as spiritualis m ains doen id africa and the holy spirit takes form in the vineyard David Platte appropriates ordinary radical and how can eve and anecdote about neils bohr and hi beloved horseshoe even make sense when zizek teels an ignornat audience of Dennis Miller fans who wouldn't get "the racial draft" skit on the chappelle show if the wu tan g lan was there to personlaaly explain the references to Col Kurtz in Heart of Darkness. Martin sheen cashed in hes fame chips for ideology chips and talks on the BBC from his Sydney opera house-australia-like home off Rahn road about the moral repugnance of the Bush regime while drones rain fire on the people he purports to care about is this not ideology at its finest . Thje project for a new americna century was founded on th ebelire that th missing ideologicl police force would be necessary to effct a coup in the american way of life nat of thinking for their project ill conceived in the years of the wilderness nietzscg elike came down from the zarathustra mountain saying not , as anders brevik, that god was dead nay, that god was alive and weell and speaking to our representative in the lobby who will be happy to escort you to your cell by tfirst we mus ask you to remove all jewelry that is not specifically of a religous nature and by the way it is the prison guards who wil indiividuall make determinations as to what is jewelry with rleigious significanc and a shiny maltese cross wih a red stone does not make the cut. nor once inside will our theology department approve is you attempt to attend religuous servvices on Saturday, Sunday and Friday we must as k you to swaer allegance to a flag so we wil know which lway to direct your fury when brad pitt stabs the nazi officer like he wsas back at the jazz festival in 1997. Indeed.

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