Friday, March 6, 2015

Vladimir Putin, 50 Cent and Barak Obama

my drug Sasha once told me of an incident in which a discussion of political theory in a graduate studies sminar turned violent. One student shoved another student as a means of expressing the raw brutality of physical power in the political equation. Since we are in Ohio and not bitches the discussion continued but i'm sure if I would have played football at Penn and done the very same thing to Paris Gellar her rabbi would have had me arrested, charged with a hate crim and attempted sexual assault and expelled so i'm glad no one paid attention to my Penn applicaton and my philosophical sparring partners are also able to slap me around a litlle bit and take a shot to he face with out crying like a hoe.

Fiddy understands this, as does Putin, as does bama but Obama got himself a high dollar way of expresing his respect for Machiavelli and Von Klausewitz's basic rules of forwign and domestic policy.

One: Be consistent, your subjects should see that the level of respect you have form children in the Kashmir when they run screaming from their mothers embraces as the drones rain down fire and death is the same basic respect you have for any of your own citizens that dares to cross you. Fuck you fascist, come and get me. Some poor slob that deserted from the armu thirty yers ago and had been living in Sweden was just haueled back to the U.S. to stand trial. And let that be a lesson to the rest of you sheeple that are thinking of raising a peep against your chosen leader. And just incase some libertarian douche is reading this thinking the next sentence is oing to be how wonderful life would be under Ayn Rand Paul you can exhale.

This motherfucjer goes on national news to say that vaccinations shoud be a matter of choice. Uh, yeah I agree IF YOU'RE AMISH and not even like my regular Amish homeys that have the furniture store up the street but the super fucked over Amish from that movie where they keep everybody thinking it's still the 18th century and an evil monster will get them if they transgress any sacred boundaries but Morpheus can wake them up and oh wait that's not a movie it's our life.

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